Pizza and beer are a dynamic duo, kind of like burgers and fries or peanut butter and jam.

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Pizza and beer are a dynamic duo, kind of like burgers and fries or peanut butter and jam.

Some people will picture a big frothing pitcher of lager and a gooey pepperoni and mozza drenched pie.

Others will see a slender glass of amber ale beside a thin crust topped with pear, blue cheese and roasted chicken.

Both are beautiful pictures indeed.

It is common to hear people talk about wine and food pairings but beer is actually one of the easiest beverages to pair with food. The yeast in beer balances out tang, the malt helps to match sweetness and the carbonation cleanses the palate.

Making pizza at home and pairing it with awesome beer is fun and easy. Use ready-made Naan bread for the crust and whip up a few different kinds to share.

Gourmet pizza toppings should keep their distinct textures rather than melding together under a blanket of cheese. A light brush with garlicky olive oil instead of tomato sauce keeps the pizza light and fresh. Small amounts of flavor packed toppings are what you’re after here.

Here are a few good combos and some great beers that will compliment them:

Try some prosciutto, figs and gorgonzola coupled with a speck of edam to hold it together. Pair that up with Moinette Blonde. The lovely citrus notes and snappy hop bitterness in this Belgium ale will stand up to the strong cheese

Lamb sausage from Nesvog’s in Terminal Park goes super with some red chard and goat cheese. Add a bit of roasted onion and Monterey Jack to create a wonderful flavor package. A fresh beer with good effervescence will compliment the complex flavors of this combo. Hoyne Brewery Pilsner will cleanse your palate with hints of fruit and subdued hops.

Spinach, feta, fresh basil and a bit of bacon go well together. Once again, just a hint of edam or mozza to glue it all together. Saison Dupont is the beer for this one. A crisp dry ale that gives up a pleasant earthy funk to mirror the spinach.

Cheers and happy eating!!

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