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Wine Club – Bravo Amerone!
explore all things Amerone, the most famous of all dried grape wines
August 31, 2022
Wine Club Presents Intersection Winery
Sample wines that express a sense of place and reflect the potential of the unique and exceptional terroirs
August 31, 2022
Cork Dorks - A Trip Around the World in Under $20
Wines that represent superior quality to price ratio
December 17, 2021
Wine Club – Fun With Method Comparison
Really let your taste buds explore with a comparison tasting
April 20, 2022
Cork Dorks-Low Sugar Wines Demystified
This hot topic may find you in for a few surprises
February 11, 2022
Premium and Unique Wines – Wine Club
Enjoy an evening with some unique twists, delicious interesting wines and great snacks.
February 11, 2022
Wine Club – Wines for BBQ
We are excited to have some lively patio sippers and BBQ friendly wines
April 29, 2022
Wine Club - Vancouver Island vs Naramata Bench
Join Miche as he introduces us to two wineries
July 26, 2022
Cork Dorks – Organic Etc…Explained
Find out about the wine classifications
December 17, 2021
Cork Dorks Explore Chile
Let’s taste some amazing Chilean wines
April 20, 2022
Cork Dorks present Gerard Bertrand
Gerard Bertrand focuses on excellence, innovation, naturality and friendliness
July 26, 2022
Cork Dorks do Okanagan Syrah and Chardonnay
Louise will explore Chardonnay and Syrah
July 26, 2022

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